Order Operations

With which courier company is my order sent? 
Libero Shoes works with MNG Kargo in cargo shipments. The cargoes of your orders are delivered to the address you specified through MNG Cargo.

With which courier company is my order sent? )

Libero Shoes works with MNG Kargo in cargo shipments. The cargoes of your orders are delivered to the address you specified through MNG Cargo.

If I can't be at my order address, can delivery be made to someone else? 

All shipments are delivered to the address and the person concerned. Goods/products can be delivered from the cargo branch. In case the recipient is not at the address, delivery can be made to a relative after checking the identity information.

No cargo company at our location How will I receive my order? )

Products to all corners of Turkey is capable of delivery. If no shipping agency is available at your location, product delivery is made to you from Mobile Zones on certain days.

Do you deliver abroad? 

Only the delivery is made to the address specified in of Turkey.

How can I cancel my order? When will my refund be refunded to my credit card? 

You can cancel your order by sending us a message from the contact section of our site or by calling our call center on 0850 241 87 02. Your refund will be made to your credit card within 3 days.

Can I add products of different brands to my shop bag before I create the order? 

You can add products from different brands to your shop bag as many times as you wish before creating your order.

My order is damaged. What should I do? 

All the products we offer for sale go through damage control while they are bought from the supplier and packaged for delivery to the cargo. Therefore, the damaged shipping of our products is prevented. However, damage may occur due to problems that may occur during transportation.

In such a case, the process works as follows;

When your order is delivered to your address by the cargo officer, always check the outer package for damage before you receive the product and prepare a “Due Diligence Report” as soon as you see any damage.In case of any damage you notice after order delivery, you should contact the relevant cargo branch immediately and ask them to prepare a “Due Diligence”. If the cargo branch does not help you, please inform us as soon as possible.

When you send the damaged product to liberoayakkabi.com together with the Damage Assessment Report, your product exchange or return processes will be completed quickly and you will be informed.

I cannot add products to my shop bag. What should I do? 

First of all, you can try a different browser than the one you are using. (You can choose any of Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) If the situation continues, we recommend that you clear your internet history and try again. If the error persists, you can reach us from the communication section.

How long is the product addition time in the shop bag? 

In order for Liberoayakkabi.com members to benefit from the opportunities equally, the waiting time of the products in the basket is limited to 30 minutes. In case the purchasing process of the products in the cart is not completed, the products are automatically removed from your cart.

Can I buy products from different brands in one shop bag? 

We offer the advantage of collecting all products in the same shopping cart and paying one shipping fee of all pieces.

Can you re-send my invoice? 

You can reach us by sending a message from the contact section.